Started in 2018 NORY & PARTNERS recognized a need in the Market for traditional means of advertising. Products sell best when discussed in front of, and with, the very same people who have the purchasing powers and means of consumption. All of our campaigns are designed with targeted consumers in mind and customized to penetrate the market from all angles to bring expert value in brand awareness, customer acquisition, market research and campaign development. 

Our Mission

In an increasingly virtual world, we hide behind our screens where sending a text or an email has become the first choice of communication. Imagine a world where online opinions had to be read out loud, face to face - Where meeting a potential soulmate was made by poking their shoulder and engaging in a conversation over a double tap on a screen? Like old times...

We believe that the founding force of any business is its people. As such, we have a mentorship program and our training is designed with only one goal in mind: to mould the thinkers, talkers and doers of tomorrow.

Our rustic form of adverting encompasses everything in the in person advertising realm such as door to door canvassing, events, guerrilla marketing, pop up and corporate in person business to business sales presentations. Contact us today for customized strategy.

“We’ve worked with the Executive Team at Nory & Partners for years before their launch in 2018; they’ve consistently over-achieved on our behalf and we thoroughly look forward to working with them for many years to come.”
— Kevin, Tier 1 International Telco Operator

We can set up events for you, negotiate ad space, organize door to door canvassing, run promo sales team, go over social media strategy, direct mailing, you name it and we'll work with what you want.

Call now for more info on our current projects at 512 900 5866

Our passion for what we do transpires in all areas of our work. Our team members are fully trained and qualified in their area of expertise. All are hired based on their diverse pool of experiences, integrity, work ethic and student mentality. Our ability to represent, market and sell your brand will impress you, we guarantee it. Stop by and come say hi in our no frills office and see for yourself.

Rather you have a small, medium or large marketing budget we will work with you and your needs. Do you wonder what customers think of your product or services? How you can tweak your stuff to get more profit? We talk and sell and promote and market and consult and research and train and strategize and more! Our motto, "you make it, we sell it!" will revolutionize your business.