You come to us with a goal and a budget and we design a campaign that hits your goal and fits your budget. We recruit, train and manage the people necessary to achieve this and you only pay for the final result!

Step 1

Get in touch by phone, email or stop by our no frills office and give us a clear idea of what you need help with


We draft a realistic sales pipeline, introduce you to your dedicated account managers and give you a flat fee for the project.


You outsource your entire customer acquisitions campaign to us and only pay us when we deliver.


Track your campaign progress with weekly or monthly calls, sit back,focus on your area of expertise and watch your revenue skyrocket.


Our strategy is to represent your brand in the market better than yourself. Let's say you're a toy manufacturer looking to sell more toys. You come to us and say "I need 20,000 toys sold before the end of 2019". What happens next is we go and research and make a small test, put 1 or 2 of our best salespeople on to selling your toys and based on how people react to it, the price, the model, the technology behind it,

We say "no problem pay us this amount per toy sold and we got a deal".

You have a fixed marketing cost for a guaranteed revenue of 20 000 toys worth.

That's what we do in a nutshell.

We specialize in small to large scale customer acquisitions campaigns that can be done face to face, door to door, business to business, in a retail store, at a kiosk, at an event, in a corporate board room, anywhere with an audience.

We also design direct mailing, flyers, streamline your social media and add input to your market research and customer database to ensure all areas of your business tell the same story.