larry davis

Since starting, Larry has traveled all over Texas, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee and Arkansas but also internationally to Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico. His goals are now to experience life and business with the firm in Asia as well as Brazil! 

jay hambursin

Jay joined the Company and appreciates the mentoring, clear path for career progression as well as financial incentives. Jay holds most of the Company's sales records and has set himself as the example of the Company's no seniority policy. His goals are now to grow long term with the Company and become the leading face of expansion.


angie lopez

Angie graduated from a Bachelors in Business Management from Plaza College. She provided for three children while going to school full time and upon graduation received an offer from Pro Mujer, a nonprofit development organization that provides financial inclusion, health and education programs to low-income women in Latin America. Angie always takes a lot of pride in helping people and her children remain her strongest motivation. After spending a year and a half working in Human Resources for Pro Mujer, Angie decided to venture in business with the Company. She made up her lack of initial business experience with incredible work ethic as Angie has never been shy to put in the hours to get the job done!